Last update, August the 30th 2020 : new photo galery "Darkness by her Side" in the "Portaits, Models" area

Ludovic Fabre was born on February 12th, 1973 in Toulouse from parents with Spanish, Russian and Finnish origins. Son and grandson of photographers (Marc, his
father, and René, his grandfather, managed the store " Fabre Photos " placed Rue Pargaminières in Toulouse during several decades), we also find an ancestor
photographer in his Russian family (Alfred Lorens, considered at this time as the inventor of the instant photography in 1870 even if this invention has been attributed in
1847 to the English Henry Fox Talbot). So, the photography is well registered in the genes of this self-taught Toulousain (no lessons or formation, no school
photo in his curriculum) !

He became known at first in the world of the metal music, due to his participation, for twelve years, to the Metallian magazine (journalist / columnist and also photographer
- in a more distinct way - between 1998 and 2010) and in his radio program NocturnaL TearS on the radio FMR, where he was animator, organizer and technician from
1995 till 2010.

Ludovic Fabre's photos recover some highly varied universes where we find all that he likes: mainly pictures of concert, nature, places and buildings, but also of people
(creations around various themes in association with several models), in color as in black and white, natural photos or retouched one by himself, with various visual
esthetic effects (lighting effects, contrast, ageing of the pictures…). He looks first to retranscribe the emotion aroused by the fleeting beauty of a moment, whether it is through a glance,
through an expression or of the natural charm of a place.

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