Last update, August the 30th 2020 : new photo galery "Darkness by her Side" in the "Portaits, Models" area

The little invisible boy

He’s a shy and reserved lonely little boy. A bit melancholic… But not necessarily sad. He spends most of his time in his vast inner world inventing many extraordinary stories and adventures; speaking to the trees, the clouds and the raindrops.

He has always been isolated, very discreet, and goes unnoticed among other children… That’s why, when he was a child, he used to joke and mess around just to get attention ! But with time, he learned to love and tame his loneliness, as a loyal pet.

Years have gone by, but he has not changed; he has remained this same little boy lost in his thoughts… So much so that he has completely disappeared !

And as surprising as it may sound, he has become literally invisible ! However, he’s still around and we can see him throughout a reflection, a shadow, playing in the town's public squares.

Thanks to an old photographic process, and with a lot of patience, we have been able to catch his ghostly silhouette on film.

Many thanks to Kelen and his mom !